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  • v1 - Developed during 2006-2007. First HTML LaTeX Editor with a toolbar of common LaTeX commands.
  • v2 - 16 Jan 2008. Completely new toolbar with drop panels to provide a more extensive set of options and flexibility. Also added a history and favourites, and incorporated Javascript improvements by Thornahawk. LaTeXRender was also enhanced to allow equations to be generated cleanly through the URL.
  • v2.01 to v2.05 - 10 Jul 2008. Series of minor adjustments to toolbar graphs, javascript and commands. New checkbox options for 'inline' and 'compressed' formula types added to improve flexibility.
  • v2.1 - Autumn 2008. Support for wide range of graphics formats, including vector-based flash files and PDFs.
  • v2.5 - November 2008. Automatic rendering added along with Undo/Redo and enlarged hover-overs. Quick javascript installation added, allowing editor to work on any website.
  • v2.6 - Background colors can now be changed to black, white, red, green, or blue.
  • v2.7 - 18 Jan 2009. Introduction of example equation sets for a variety of different subjects. Also a new and improved History and Favorites option. Launch of dedicated latex website, which has become the overall home for this editor.
  • v2.8 - 26 Jan 2009. New equation panels with a broader range of options.
  • v2.9 to v2.95 - Spring 2009. Automatic equation rendering. Support for SWF and EMF equation formats. Automatic equation brackets. Different font faces. Integration with TiddlyWiki.
  • v3 - Jan 2011. Introduction of Variable Designs so editor can be customised. New Editor integration API, allowing the editor to be fully integrated into other HTML pages.
  • v3.1 - Feb 2011. Integration with TinyMCE, CKEditor, and CuteEditor.
  • v3.3 - May 2017. New toolbar.
  • v4 - New HTML5 editor.